WALKING THE DOG - DOGGY DAY CARE offered throughout NORTH EAST ENGLAND, North and South Tyneside, Newcastle and Northumberland

Doggy Day Care


When you get home after a hard day's work are your dogs wanting to jump up and greet you? Do they run to the door with excitement when you turn the key? If they are like most dogs of course they do. They merely want the attention and fuss that they have missed all day. They have bundles of energy just bursting to get out.


Some have a lovely long walk with their owners and others have just a quick walk around the block. Would you like to be left in a room or a house all day on your own and then get a quick walk in the evening? Of course not, you would go stir crazy!


Yet why are so many dogs, who love unconditionally, treated like this?


Well it's a simple case of our modern and hectic lifestyles not allowing us to spend the time and attention on our furry friends as we would like, and that's where Walking the dog can help.


If you would rather have a more relaxed and peaceful evening, why not try our Doggy Day Care Service. When you return home you'll know that your dog/s have had a fun and busy day in the company of other dogs and the love, attention and social interaction that they need from their carer.


While many people like the idea of their dog joining our Dog Walking Service, this can sometimes mean your dog/s are still left alone for a portion of the day - well that need not be the case. At Walking the dog we offer Doggy Day Care.


What we promise 


Here the dogs play and socialise with other dogs (maximum of three) of similar temperament and play style - of course human attention is always provided.


Your dog/s will be well cared for in our loving home environment, just like they're used to.


Your dog/s will spend the day at our home with access to our secure garden and enjoy playing with our own dogs. For the health of our visiting guests, and for their own health, our dogs always use up-to-date veterinary approved flea, tick and worming treatment (Advocate, Advantix and Drontal) and most importantly both have yearly vaccinations/boosters. Likewise we respectfully ask that all dogs visiting for the day are also up-to-date with all treatments/vaccines; documentation will be required before day care commences. 


All day care guests will join us on 2, 1-hour walks per day at no additional cost - extra walks/activities can be arranged at time of booking  


For their own comfort we recommend you bring your dog's bedding (or a comfort blanket) and, if required, their own food for the day - please advise us of their feeding pattern.


Visits are most welcome beforehand to ensure an easy transition. Please note - your pet will only be left alone a maximum of 2 to 3 hours during their entire day with us.


As we only accept a maximum of 4 other doggy guests at any Daycare session to maintain safety and comfort, bookings are limited, so please PHONE or EMAIL to check availability.


Doggy Day Care is operated Monday - Sunday. We will collect your dog/s within the North Tyneside area between 9am and 10am and drop them back home, relaxed and happy, between 4pm and 5pm (later collection and earlier drop-off if outside of North Tyneside due to travel time).  


Please note that Doggy Day Care is only suitable for Dogs that are comfortable in the company of other Dogs - prices are per dog/per session.


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