1. We will arrange a short meeting with you and your pet to assess the service required.
  2. Once the service is agreed upon we will issue you with the relevant BOOKING/AGREEMENT FORM and a copy of our Terms and Conditions.
  3. The Owner must complete the booking accurately and honestly to allow WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG to judge suitability of your pet for walking, boarding or visiting services. Please highlight any likes, fears and phobias your pet may have
  4. WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG must receive a completed, dated and signed BOOKING/AGREEMENT form before any service commences.
  5. Owners must declare to the best of their knowledge if their pet is likely to cause harm or injury to themselves, staff and members of the public or another animal. Failure on the part of Owner to disclose any matter that might render Owner’s pet unsuitable will be deemed a material omission amounting to a fundamental breach of this agreement. The agreement may be cancelled and all fees paid to WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG will be non-refundable. If your dog, through whatever reason, refuses to let/allow any of our employees to walk/visit them the full payment is still applicable and will be charged.
  6. We will require details of your pet's insurance (if applicable) and their vet.
  7. For the safety and comfort of all of our pets we must see documentation of up-to-date vaccinations (we may check with your vet beforehand) and have up-to-date flea/worming treatment applied. WE MUST SEE THIS EVERY 12-MONTHS TO ENSURE SERVICE CONTINUES.
  8. The booking form contains the entire agreement between Owner and WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG.
  9. Please note that dogs will be walked either individually or in small groups – maximum ratio of between 4 to 6 pets per Dog Walker. Whilst full care will always be taken, be aware that incidents can occur that are beyond our control.
  10. Dogs booked in for any Boarding and Daycare service will have an identity tag attached to their collar at all times. This tag will have our name and emergency contact number. At the end the service this tag will be removed
  11. Please note bitches in Season will not be walked. If we find your dog has come into season we will allow the dog to toilet at home but the full walk price will be charged unless you have notified us in which case a visit price will be charged. We DO NOT board any bitch who is unspayed or any dog who is unneutered.
  12. Full payment is required before any service begins. (In the case of ongoing bookings, fees must be paid in full either weekly or monthly in advance). You have the option to pay via Standing Order.
  13. For Boarding if cancellation occurs with over 28 clear days' notice, the whole of the fee will be returned. If cancellation occurs anywhere with less than 28 days' notice the fee will be non-refundable. Daycare and Walks can be cancelled upto 9am of the morning of any service; any cancellations after 9am will be charged for. All changes, cancellations or ammendments to any existing booked service must be through our main booking line/booking email and no alterations or ammendments or cancellations can be received through any walker/petsitter as they do not deal directly with bookings or their own diaries and may not know of any bookings already planned.
  14. Should WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG deem the Owner's dog/s unsuitable for home boarding , WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG reserve the right to place the Owner’s dog at selected kennels with the owners responsible for full payment or reimbursement. No refunds will be offered.
  15. The Owner must supply enough feed, toys and bedding for their dog/s and ensure that they are fully up-to-date with vaccination, worming and flea treatment. We will need proof of vaccinations and flea/tick treatments before any boarding/daycare.
  16. We are covered for public liability up to £1m. Although we will make all reasonable efforts to ensure the full care, custody and control of all pets in our care, WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG cannot be liable for any injuries incurred which are out of our control. However, in the event of death or injury to a dog resulting from our neglectful actions, we are limited to a maximum of £1000 damages. This maximum total includes associated financial costs and emotional distress. No further liability will be accepted by us.
  17. All reasonable efforts will be made to contact Owner or Owner's emergency contact in the event of an emergency. However, WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG reserves the right to make decisions regarding Owner's dog's health provided it is at all times acting in the best interests of the pet. Any veterinary treatment deemed necessary will be carried out at the Owner's chosen vet; please make arrangements with your vet beforehand so that you can settle any costs direct. If you are away for a few days and do not wish to be contacted before your return, please inform us. The initial point of contact for all emergencies must be established before bookings commence. If we feel it is better to see our own vet VETS4PETS North Tyneside for a more urgent service we will do do.
  18. The Owner is responsible for payment of any veterinary fees caused through illness or injury. The owner is also responsible for the costs incurred should additional food be required for Boarding/Day bookings.
  19. For insurance purposes all dogs are walked on lead until fully bonded with their walker. Once good recall has been achieved, and with the Owner's permission, WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG/THE KITTY CARERS will exercise pets off-lead.  The Owner accepts full liability for any loss or damage caused as a result. The Owner is financially responsible for any loss or damage to the carer or other dogs.
  20. All prices are subject to change; you will be charged the lower rate at the time of booking, and thereafter the new rate will apply.
  21. Though we will do our best to clean up any unexpected pet fouling within your property, we provide a basic clean/disinfect only – professional cleaning is the responsibility of the client. Any excessive fouling or diarrhoea will be cleaned up but an additional charge will be applicable.
  22. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG has up-to-date information regarding your pet and that WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG is able to gain the required access to your property for required pet visits. WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG will hold your keys for the duration of the agreed contract. Keys will be returned at the end of the booked service. If keys are to returned after any booked service we will charge a nominal £3 to cover our time and fuel. Please inform WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG if you would like us to hold your keys for future services. We reserve the right to hold onto keys until any outstanding fees are due and remain unpaid.
  23. We reserve the right to refuse service at any time.
  24. We will give 1 week's notice if we need to alter or cancel a service. If severe bad weather prevents us from walking dogs for the full duration, the time lost will be made up on subsequent walks.  
  25. If your pet has access to the outdoors and should go missing, WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG/THE KITTY CARESR will inform you and/or your emergency contact to discuss the appropriate course of action (if this related to a cat we continue with the agreed visits).
  26. Our operating hours are Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm. All DAYCARE dogs are usually collected between 8.30am and 9.30am (later if outside of our usual collection area) and are dropped home between 3.30pm and 4.30pm (earlier if outside of our usual drop off area.
  27. Holidays – Boarding/Daycare/Visits Good Friday, Easter Sunday and all Bank Holidays are charged at Double Time for all services. There are no walk only services offered on any Bank Holiday.
  28. Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year bookings are charged at triple time for all services.
  29. Where possible WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG will provide any additional services requested. However, WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG/THE KITTY CARERS’s main priority is the welfare and care of our pets, and we will not be liable if any additional free services requested are not carried out. All WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG staff reserve the right to cover each other in the event of illness or holiday cover and/or at short notice - all staff will be insured. For this reason the main 07591193338 number must be used for any reason relating to your service booking, i.e. requests, changes to times, cancellations, bookings etc.
  30. Keys are released for the duration of the contract and will be returned on request or if preferred kept safely with our KEY HOLDING facility for future visits. All keys will be kept in a locked safe, and will be kept separate from any address information whilst held by WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG. Copies of keys should be issued once the services have been booked at the initial meeting. If we are required to collect keys at a later date a £3 fee is payable. Likewise if we are asked to return keys back after the last date of service a £3 fee is payable. IMPORTANT: Please double check that keys do work.
  31. All PAYMENTS must be made PRIOR to commencement of any service. If after 30-days any amounts are overdue you agree (by booking of original service) to compound interest accruing at a daily rate of 2% above current Bank of England Base Rate until the debt is paid off. Please note interest will be back dated to the 30-day overdue period. After 150-days if the total has not been paid in full we will pass any remaining debt onto local collectors or courts for debt recovery.
  32. Where WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG is asked to attend a second pet for no fee, i.e. simply allowing a puppy a toilet break in back garden/cleaning up any puppy accidents, we will accommodate this into our schedule, however please note any time spent with the additional pet will be deducted from the scheduled walk/visit.
  33. Please advise us if you do not want pictures of your pet used in WALKING THE DOG/BOARDING THE DOG promotional material and on our website Pet Blog page.



Health & Hygiene


Your pet's health and safety is our top priority. We observe the latest sanitation protocols and safety codes for pet facilities.


We daily clean floors, mats, and all hard surfaces with Veterinary approved disinfectant. We use rubber toys that are sanitized daily using Veterinary approved disinfectant. Dogs and puppies must have up to date vaccinations, worming and flea/tick treatment - documentation will be required. 


In Case of Illness

Puppies or older dogs can relatively easily pick up common bugs. We do everything possible to limit exposure to and spread of illness, but should your pet show signs (coughing, sneezing, nasal discharge, crusty eyes, vomiting, or diarrhoea), we follow these procedures:

We notify all owners of cases of illness, so they can look out for any further symptoms.


In the event of an emergency (extreme lethargy, seizures, etc), we will contact you or your designated emergency contact person, and/or we will take your puppy to the designated vet or our own vet - arrangements must be made for costs to be settled by you direct to the vet.