Ensuring that you offer your new puppy or rescue dog the best start it so deserves is vitally important. You need to learn and continue to offer your dog throughout their lives fun, kind and rewarding training exercises so that they learn good manners and good behaviour around other dogs and other humans and so that you learn good control.

Using reliable and reward based training we can help you transform your energetic, bouncing, duracell-powered puppy, or your older 'Devil' dog into a well mannered and well behaved family pet - a well behaved pet is something every family should have in their lives. Continuing training throughout your dogs' life can advance them further by teaching them fun tricks and new exercises. We must stimulate both the dogs' body through walks/play etc and also the dog's mind through training and fun stimulating games.


We offer one-to-one training so that you and your dog gets the full attention you and they need.


In addition if you use us for any of our daily walking, daycare or boarding services we continue with the training in our daily-activities as we want any new dog that is coming into our pack to be equally well behaved around us and other dogs. Importantly we also need a dog that has good lead manners so it doesnt pull us onto their favourite walk; because of this we like to pay particular attention to Lead Manners training (an area many training providers do not cover at length).


For information on training please email

or telephone 07591193338

Gavin Chilvers is an Approved Instructor

registered with the Association of Dog Training and Behaviour.

ADTB Principles

ADTB Instructors only use positive training methods

ADTB Instructors need to know the basics of behaviour

ADTB Instructors must be enthusiastic and passionate about dogs